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(n) Vallejo, California. Home of E-40.
(n) Nothern California Prison (Too $hort).
vacuum lungs
(n) Taking a deep smoke. "Cause fools be havin' them vacuum lungs" -- The Luniz (I've got 5 on it [??]).
(n) East LA hispanic slang, meaning homeboy. "Vato, cholo, call us what you will" -- Kid Frost (La Raza [1990]).
1) (n) High quality speaker units mabe by Cerwin-Vega, used in car and hi-fi systems. "Going to school with the Vegas on my earlobe" -- Da Luniz (I got 5 on it [1995]).
2) (n) A marijuana sigarette rolled in Garcia Vegas (a brand of cigar) papers.
(n) Clothing label. "I stay laced cuz my body got Versace taste" -- Monifa (I miss you (come back home) [1995]).
(v) Very angry.
VIP Records
(n) Famous Long Beach record store where a lot of current stars first sold their demo tapes. Snoop was standing on it in his "Who am I?" video. "Let's journey to the VIP for the latest hits" -- Domino (Long Beach Thang [1993]).
(n) Video Music Box, a NYC hip-hop video music show.
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